Meet My Squad- @shestyledwhat

Name: Danielle Glanz
Instagram: @shestyledwhat
Birthday: 3/08/1996
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Currently Located: San Diego, CA


Danielle and I met before an event and the rest is history! Immediately I knew we’d be good friends because she’s so sweet and approachable. We’re both really petite so I love watching her style things that actually work for our figures. Give her a potato sack and she’ll make it chic!

When/Why did you decide to become an influencer?
Around 2 years ago I was a naive fashion obsessed college student who wanted to start a blog to showcase and express my style. I say naive because I didn’t know anyone who was an “influencer” or even had a blog and I thought I was one of the few people with a fashion blog (LOL). Looking back at this I would have never imagined how BIG the fashion community actually is. I started my blog because my college town was basically in the middle of nowhere, I had so many clothes and no where to wear them to. Showcasing them all on my Instagram was so fun for me, I had so much bottled up creative energy and so my blog followed shortly after. The rest is history! It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

What is your favorite part of being an influencer?
I really love being a source of inspiration for others. Especially with fashion, it’s an art to me and I love putting my photos and thoughts out there. My favorite part is when people tell me that I’ve inspired an outfit of theirs, a store that they shop at, an item of clothing they bought, or their style in general. I also absolutely love meeting new girls and new friends who share the same passions as me. It’s so cool surrounding yourself with so many creative and inspiring people online and in person.

What are some unexpected downsides to being an influencer?
It may look like a breeze on the outside when you see perfectly curated content but it’s a LOT of work, time and stress. I definitely stress myself out if I haven’t posted in a few days or if I didn’t get the “perfect shot”. I have to bring myself back down to earth sometimes and remember that not everything has to be perfect. Another downside is how often I’m on my phone.

What three accounts on Instagram do you follow that inspire you?
Right now I would say @songofstyle @tezza and @thestyledseed. I love how unique their photos and styles are!

Besides Instagram, how do you get inspired?
This may be a weird answer but I get a ton of inspiration going to LA. I have a huge appreciation for LA and I feel so alive when I’m there. I find a ton of inspiration just by the people there and what random people on the street are wearing. I also get inspired by the people I surround myself with. I love being surrounding by people who are passionate about their own things. Two of my best friends are a singer and a film maker. We’re all chasing our dreams and it definitely keeps me inspired being around them.

What fashion designer brands inspire you?
Chanel and Louis Vuitton. They all have such consistent brands and styles that they carry through their shows and their lines. I always look forward to watching their fashion shows and I think it’s SO cool how much power and influence they hold in the fashion world.

What piece of advice would you give someone who wanted to become an influencer?
I would say don’t become an influencer to become an influencer, you have to be passionate about something for others to be influenced by you. Follow what makes you unique to yourself and share that with everyone. For me, it’s my style. Also, I would make sure to say that it’s not by any means easy – it’s really like a full time job and it takes a LOT of time and patience.

You recently rebranded your Instagram & blog, congrats! What sparked this?
I’m so excited about my rebrand! I wrote a blog post about it here.
But long story short, I really wanted a change in my Instagram and blog. I knew I was capable of something bigger and better and then the name “she styled what” popped into my head a couple months ago and that was it- I knew that was the change I was looking for. This rebranding really fit with my vision for myself, my brand, and where I’m transitioning my content into. I’m going to incorporate more video content into my Instagram and blog showing how I style pieces, hence the name “she styled what”! I can’t wait to show you more.

What’s something people wouldn’t know about you just based off of your Instagram?
I work a full time job 9-5 in digital marketing! I work super hard on the weekends to get all my content for the week. My boyfriend also takes all of my photos and I am so thankful of how supportive he is and excited to help!

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