Meet Skincare Guru, Lauren

Name: Lauren Erro

Instagram: @laurenerrobeauty


Birthday: June 19, 1987

Hometown: Encinitas (A cute beach town in Northern San Diego)

Currently Located: Normal Heights, San Diego- I just moved here and am OBSESSED


When/Why did you decide to become an influencer?

I didn’t really set out to become an “influencer”. I actually never followed any bloggers until I started blogging and making friends with some of them! I started my blog/ Instagram because I wanted to help people with their skin & beauty questions. I’ve been in the skincare world for 12 years and I kept seeing false skincare information flying around social media. I created my account to help inform people of accurate information and easy skincare tips and tricks. I also want to help people make informed beauty purchases based on their needs- not the latest trend.

What is your favorite part of being an influencer?

There are so many amazing parts! First, I LOVE helping people! It makes me so happy when people message me that they tried one of my suggestions and are seeing an improvement in their skin. I’ve also made so many new friends. It is hard to make genuine friendships as an adult and I have met some of my best friends through Instagram and built an amazing community. I also feel like I am genuine friends with my audience. I am VERY open with them and they are open with me too! I know about their dates, families, and lives- it’s pretty cool. I’m happy that people feel comfortable enough with me to be so open.

What are some downsides to being an influencer?

It’s a catch 22 because it is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done for myself, but with that comes a lot of self pressure. Lori Greiner said it best “Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week”. I’m basically always working, but I LOVE it. With that said, there is so much that goes into it that no one sees. You wear many hats- web designer, photographer, PR and marketing, content manager, sales person, and more.

In a world full of he said, she said, especially in the skincare world, how/where do you get your facts?

I like to learn by testing as much as possible on myself so I can talk about my personal experiences with my audience and clients. Like I mentioned before, a lot goes in to this job that no one sees, and research is a big part of that. I attend many professional industry events and have built strong connections with industry leaders, businesses, brands, and product owners that keep me up to date on my facts.

What is the biggest skincare mistake people are making regularly?

I’m always surprised that people don’t wash their face, or they don’t wear sunscreen. If you want good skin these need to be part of your routine! On the flip side, some people take things too far, like over exfoliating, for example. Exfoliating is necessary for glowing/ healthy skin, but over exfoliating can cause major damage.

What is a skincare myth that needs to be debunked?

Ok this is one I see everywhere- that you can open/ close your pores. Pores don’t have muscles so they literally can’t move BUT regular face washing and exfoliation can make them appear much smaller!

What’s the big skincare trend right now?

I’ve been seeing acids everywhere and I’m loving it! They sounds scary but they really aren’t. The acids that are safe for at home use are not like a chemical peel where your face will be shedding for a week, they can do everything from hydrate to exfoliate. There are so many different skin types and there’s an acid that can benefit everyone.

What skincare products are a part of your daily nighttime routine?

I had a campaign with Jan Marini in December and have been using her products ever since. I am OBSESSED. My skin is more glowy, clear, and hydrated than I’ve ever seen it. I wrote this post about all of the products I’m using if you want more info:

If you were on a deserted island and could only have 3 skincare products, what would they be and why?

1. Sunscreen (of course). I’m a huge sunscreen pusher and if you want great skin, sunscreen is the least expensive and easiest way to get it. 2. Face wash. I hate that feeling of a dirty face and I imagine if I was on a desert island I would feel disgusting. 3. Lip Balm. I am addicted! The Laneige lip sleeping mask is a must have! Check it out here!

What was the best facial you’ve had in San Diego?

It depends on what I am trying to accomplish with my skin. I work with estheticians all over town that focus on certain things depending on what my current goals are. I’m a huge fan of custom facials- where the esthetician focuses the treatment on your needs instead of a machine that does the same thing to everyone. But I’m also a huge fan of Hydrafacials if I have a big event and need to be plump and glowy. It really just depends.
The best facial I’ve ever had was in New York City at Rescue Spa. I had the BioLift facial and my skin was glowing for DAYS.

By the way, besides being a skincare blogger, I also am a beauty consultant! I create customized skincare plans for people based off of their skin type and needs. Whether you are just starting to experiment with products or you are a full blown skin fan, everyone can use a little direction in product selection.

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