The “B” Word

“You look like you had the best sleep of your life!”

“Your skin looks so smooth!”

“Wow! You’re looking great!”

These are all things I told myself two weeks after my first round at the “B” word. Yes bitch, I mean Botox.

For about 6 months I’ve been thinking about trying it out because fine lines started to appear on my forehead and between my brows. While I was initially upset that all my creams, SPF, and excessive water drinking wasn’t helping like it should of, I decided it was time to enlist some serious help. Like any human, I Googled my life away to see if it was right for me. How old do you have to be? Will it hurt? What med spa should I go to? How often do I have to keep it up? Well, I bit the bullet and have all the answers for you Botox first timers.


When choosing a med spa, don’t be shy to shop around. Ask friends, family, and Google for their opinions. I’ve actually gone to Revive Med Spa for filler in my laugh lines and I was extremely impressed with my experience prior so I was thrilled to collaborate with them. The spa is very clean and everyone is very kind & welcoming.

Let’s talk about the process *breaks out in cold sweat*. To be honest, I had two big fears going into Botox. Firstly, that I wouldn’t be able to move my face and I’d look like a scary, motionless human. Secondly, that it would hurt. Thankfully, I was proven wrong on both my fears. Starting out, you talk to your nurse about what you’d like to achieve. I wanted to get rid of my forehead lines but still have movement in my brows. I immediately followed up with asking the pain level with a nervous laugh. Getting your face injected in front of a crowd also isn’t very easy. In the room with me there was a photographer, videographer, assistant and the nurse. The crowd chuckled and reassured me that it wouldn’t hurt. Once I was fully iced and numb, the injections began. They didn’t hurt at all! It felt like the smallest pinch and it was over in less that 15min.

Immediately after, it looked like small little bumps over my forehead that subsided within 10 minutes. It really looked like I had nothing done- just my forehead was missing makeup. Kayla, the nurse told me that it would take 2 weeks to see the full results. Fast forward 2 weeks and I am LOVING the results. I can raise my eyebrows and make expressions but my skin doesn’t wrinkle, same with between my brows! My fine lines are noticeably less deep, if not gone all together. Because I am a first timer, my nurse suggested I come back every 2-3 months for the first year (after that I can wait a little bit longer) to make sure the wrinkles don’t develop again.

All in all, my first Botox experience was amazing. Revive Med Spa held my hand the entire process and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Check out my stories soon on my Instagram @taytaygrace to watch the full process (if you’re late to read this, I’ll make a highlight)!


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