Best books of 2020 (so far)

I’ve tried to compile my favorite books of 2020 so far but it’s so incredibly hard to narrow them down. Tap any book to shop!

I’m thinking I might just make a blog post after every good five books I read so you have a place to see them all. What do you think? Comment below if that’s something you’d be interested in!

This is the year to learn, grow & have those hard conversations about race. Out of the books I’ve read on the topic of racism, this one was a great “starter book” to learning. Oluo starts from the beginning by asking “what is racism?”. Throughout the book, you’re given her own anecdotes of growing up Black mixed with easy to understand facts about how racism came to be in America.

I understand this book came out in 2016; I’m just mad I didn’t give it a shot earlier! It’s categorized as sci-fi but I’d say it has more a psychological thriller vibe. What would happen if you made a machine that allowed you to time travel but every time you did so, another self was living in a parallel universe? To take it even further, what would happen if all your parallel selves met up? This book was mind blowing.

I read this book in an entire day. From the jump, you’ll already invested into finding out why the patient at the psych ward doesn’t speak. Did she really kill her husband whom she loved? Each page will have you itching for answers.

IT’S TWILIGHT! I HAD TO READ IT! Being obsessed with it growing up, the books not the movies, I had to read Twilight from Edward’s perspective. Reading it was very nostalgic but be aware, I didn’t learn a ton more about the characters. Also note, it’s about 600+ pages and it only covers Twilight (none of the others). I’m only putting it on my top list because it brought me back to being a young teen.

You’ve probably heard me say this so many times but, I LOVED THIS BOOK. It was suggested to me by my favorite local, independent book store. Did I really want to read a book on someone’s husbands? No. Did I anyway? Yes, and it was so worth it. You follow Evelyn Hugo, this Hollywood scarlet, through all of her 7 husbands. They help her grow, challenge her and shape her into the woman she ends up becoming. There’s also a twist at the end that you don’t see coming!

Looking for an easy ready that has romance, a murder mystery and body positivity? This is the book for you. A body positive influencer is met with her high school bully pleading to go to her lavish wedding. Reluctantly, the influencer agrees. A murder happens and she has to figure it out while finding herself and love. What’s not to like about that plot?

This book is so sweet and short! How many times are you asked where you’ll be in 5 years? The main character has it all mapped out but then has a dream (a real vivid, was that real? kind of dream) of her kissing someone who isn’t her fiancé. This book reminds you that it’s okay to not know what’s next.

(I also read her book “The Dinner List” which is amazing as well!)

A non-fiction book that doesn’t feel like it! The author followed 3 women in very different relationships around for 8 years and wrote their stories. This book explored all types of women’s sexuality and desire. I bet you can related to at least one of these women, if not all of them.

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