A Tasting With 14 Hands Wine

Recently I was invited to taste 14 Hands Wine, a winery from Washington!

I walked into Craft & Commerce, a cute watery located in Little Italy with memorable taxidermy on the wall (later found out it was REAL from the 60’s which is a little freaky because there was straight up lions and hippos). There I met with Wendy, who represented the brand, and Arianna of @moderndaygf.

Besides the amazing conversation of how we get all of our medical advice from Grey’s Anatomy (naturally), the wine was incredible! I had the honor of tasting their Rose & Red Blend. For someone who doesn’t like sweet wines, this Rose was amazing. It was smooth, fruit forward, not sweet, and the smallest bit of acidic. The Red Blend was also incredible. It was fruit forward as well but not sweet because of the spice the Syrah brought to the table. Here’s the best part: THEY’RE UNDER $20 AND AVAILABLE AT ALMOST EVERY GROCERY STORE! Wine and a good deal? Yes, please.

Photos by: Megan