How to touch up waves in under 15min

Styling my hair from scratch usually takes about 45min to an hour which means I only wash my hair once a week (THANK YOU, DRY SHAMPOO). I thought it’d be helpful to share how I touch up my hair day 3 to keep it looking fresh all week long.

Step 1: Brush out your hair and take the top sections. Put the lower section of hair behind you as you won’t be touching it.

Step 2: Use a curling wand and curl the top section of your hair away from your face

Step 3: Spray with hairspray. Wait for it to dry and brush it out.

Step 4: Use a texturizing spray. I like to spray it into my hand and scrunch it into my hair.

Step 5: Spray in dry shampoo at your roots & where ever you feel you get oily.

Step 6: Add some hair oil to the end of your hair and you’re good to go!