How to touch up waves in under 15min

Styling my hair from scratch usually takes about 45min to an hour which means I only wash my hair once a week (THANK YOU, DRY SHAMPOO). I thought it’d be helpful to share how I touch up my hair day 3 to keep it looking fresh all week long.

Step 1: Brush out your hair and take the top sections. Put the lower section of hair behind you as you won’t be touching it.

Step 2: Use a curling wand and curl the top section of your hair away from your face

Step 3: Spray with hairspray. Wait for it to dry and brush it out.

Step 4: Use a texturizing spray. I like to spray it into my hand and scrunch it into my hair.

Step 5: Spray in dry shampoo at your roots & where ever you feel you get oily.

Step 6: Add some hair oil to the end of your hair and you’re good to go!

How to Give Yourself a Blowout at Home

Drybar has been closed for months due to the pandemic and though they’re open now, I’m not quite ready to go “into the real world”. With the help of Drybar, I was able to learn how to create the shiniest blowout at home. Below is a step by step guide to follow along to my video and links to the products at Sephora!

Step 1: Wash your hair thoroughly.

Step 2: Let your hair dry halfway. You want to do this on damp hair, not soaking wet hair because it’ll just take ages to dry.

Step 3: Prep with a heat protectant. Put some of the product into your hands and scrunch it into your hair.

Step 4: Section your hair. The more hair you have, the more sections. I like to do 4.

Step 5: Dry each section with the round brush/blow dryer combo. Comb through slowly as if you were straightening it. If you want a slight curl, wrap the hair up and away from your face. Remember: this tool is a styling tool as well as a hair dryer; putting heat on your hair will make it stay a certain way. I like this tool because I can’t hold a round brush and blow dry at the same time- that takes talent!

Step 6: Once dry, add some extra shine. (optional)

Step 7: Spray some dry shampoo in for some volume. (optional)